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What insurance for your charter?

We have taken out comprehensive insurance including the transfer of insurance to the tenant for the duration of the rental.



The insured risks are:

  • Civil liability towards a third party

  • Total or partial theft with break-in (your personal items are not guaranteed)

  • Damage

Insurance does not guarantee :

  • bodily injury to the tenant and the people transported.

  • damage outside navigation or due to improper or prohibited use (e.g. racing, scratched interior varnishes, stained upholstery, blocked toilets, etc.)


The excess not covered by insurance is 2,500 to 3,500 € (depending on the boat). We cannot recommend enough that you take out “deductible” insurance. More info on request.

Bail :

When boarding, we will ask you for a security deposit, by credit card pre-authorization (amount of the deductible + 500) intended to cover the insurance deductible, but also any costs that would be attributable to the tenant (losses not covered by the insurance, boat abandoned in another port, unpaid overnight stay, equipment lost or damaged, cleaning not or badly done, etc.)

The security deposit will be returned to the tenant within one month, and after payment of any charges attributable to the tenant.

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