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OneToSea, the spirit of ethics


Who are we ?

OneToSea is a small nautical and sailing services company based in Hyères. Chartering sailboats is one of our main activities. Managed by Philippe (State certified sailing instructor, more than 20 years of professional experience in boating) :  when he talks about sailboats, he knows what he is talking about. A guarantee of quality!

Quality, at OneToSea, is also a certain ethic:

All our boats fly the French flag, so you sail under French Customs and Maritime Affairs regulations. Our boats are insured for charter, regular maintenance, complete safety equipment, compliant, and regularly updated. And when it comes to safety, we're even doing a little more. Because we like to see our customers from one year to the next, so we do our best to ensure that you enjoy your vacation!

We sail regularly on our boats, this allows us to check that everything is working correctly, both technically and comfortably: winches, sails, windlass, electronics, valves, WC, dishes, dinghy, hose ends, DC adapters , etc ...

We would like to sail even more often, however, we know the region well, the anchorages, the tips & tricks,… Depending on the weather and your expectations, we can advise you to establish your cruise plan!

Obviously, everything is administratively clear : rental contract, payment conditions, exemption, security deposit, but also nautical references required (we do not entrust our boats to just anyone!) ...

Our accounts are clear, we publish our balance sheets. OneToSea is doing well ! No risk of finding yourself on the dock with your bags, without a boat or hope of recovering your deposits.

Owners : you are informed in real time of the evolution of the schedule and of any intervention on your boat.

Ethics again : we are proud to be able to assert that no false or complacent opinion is published on our Google review page or others.

In short, at OneToSea, you rent directly, from a real charter company, passionate, who knows his boats well. As for our prices, no oversized prices with systematic discounts, we prefer to talk about boats !

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