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Rent a sailboat to navigate around the Hyères islands:

Whether it is for a long weekend, a holiday in perspective, a crossing to Corsica, a romantic week or perfecting your sailing skills, here are some questions to ask yourself in order to choose your rental sailboat and prepare your trip well. stay on board.



We too often forget to ask this simple question. Sailing is for some a passion, for others a way to share good times, for still others, it is the search for a change of scenery or a way to spend a family vacation.

The motivations are diverse and varied, but one thing is certain, when cruising, space and privacy are reduced. Long before choosing the right boat or sailing region for your next yacht charter, building a harmonious crew is the key to a successful cruise.

Où naviguer OneToSea Location de Voiliers Hyères Var Bormes Le Lavandou


Often, this point is more the result of a compromise between distance from your home, interest, climate and budget.

Hyères with the proximity of the islands (Porquerolles, Port Cros, Île du Levant) offers an almost ideal starting point: Motorway, airport, station, numerous rental companies, but also a privileged climate with 300 days of sunshine per year, a thermal breeze of 10 / 15 Knots, or a Mistral which very often blows much less strongly than in Marseilles, a multitude of anchorages within half a day of navigation? In short, renting a sailboat in Hyères is the best!

Bormes les mimosas or Le Lavandou offer almost the same advantages, the charm of a port that lives all year round, or the service of a “very attentive” harbor master's office will more than compensate for the few additional kilometers. Once on the water, instead of being in front of Porquerolles, you are in front of Port Cros (Underwater National Park).



Without going to the tropics or to the other side of the world, Hyères and its islands (Porquerolles, Port Cros, Ile du Levant) certainly offer a concentrate of everything you are looking for for a successful cruise: prevailing winds, sunshine, superb landscapes, numerous anchorages, proximity, variety of points of interest, wild coast, well sheltered ports ...



Beware of discounts. A “correct” list price is the basis of a healthy and balanced relationship.

The websites offering an almost vertiginous choice of boats are only "virtual rental companies", they have no boat and earn their living by taking a commission like a travel agency would. To rent a sailboat on the Côte d'Azur, you will always have the best rates, and above all precise answers to your technical and practical questions by contacting the rental company directly.

At OneToSea, rental and management of sailboats in Hyères, we mainly rent directly, we work little with agencies, which is why our prices are particularly well placed.

Depending on the schedule or simply our mood, this does not prevent us from sometimes offering you  some specials!

As for renting a sailboat directly from a private individual, and despite the many internet portals (which play at war between them!), We cannot encourage you to do so. What will happen in the event of a claim? What will happen in the event of an oversight of Maritime Affairs? What will happen in the event of a failure? What will happen if the reserved boat is unavailable? What will happen in the event of bankruptcy on the website through which you made your reservation?
For OneToSea, yacht charter and management in Hyères, all is well! Thank you. We publish our reports. You can consult them for free online on the official websites.

Le Prix OneToSea Location de Voiliers Hyères Bormes Le Lavandou


The number of cabins is obviously essential, but all sailboats are different, including rental sailboats. Focus on space? the number of toilets? the performance ? ease of maneuvering with the engine? comfort ? the size of the cockpit? steering wheel or tiller? spinnaker? These are all questions that you, the tenant and who are often also the skipper, will have to manage and decide for your crew.

By choosing a professional rental company, the latter can guide and guide you.

At ONETOSEA, rental and management of sailboats in Hyères, we sail regularly on our boats. This allows us to check that everything is working perfectly and when we talk to you about it, we do not read our arguments on a small sheet!
To give you an idea, consult the list of our sailboats for rent from Hyères, Lavandou or Bormes les mimosas .


The outboard for the tender is often optional. Very useful, especially if you are going to Corsica where the berths in the port are limited.

The spinnaker option is more difficult to find. Even if you have few opportunities to use it, it is nevertheless a bubble of colors that will mark your cruise.

Bedding is rarely included in the rental rate.

End-of-stay cleaning is a great comfort. By subscribing to this option, you can save several hours of cruising… and under the Mediterranean sun, you will undoubtedly prefer a last anchorage and a little swim rather than an argument against a backdrop of thankless tasks!

The franchise buyout is an option not to be overlooked, especially if you are sailing with friends or with several families. ONETOSEA, rental and management of sailboats in Hyères, will guide you towards the best formula.

Cancellation insurance is often included if you pay your deposit by credit card. No need to pay 2 or 3% more for your sailboat rental.

A network of sectors for children? Having sailed with our boys very often, the only 100% effective measure is to wear a life jacket as soon as your offspring gets out of the car. Yes, yes, I did say the car! Just as much as in a boat, it is also (and above all) in the port that children should wear their life jackets.

Finally, in general, to estimate the cost of your stay in Hyères on a rental sailboat, you will have to take into account the cost of the rental, but also all the options, some of which may be "mandatory". , the journey, the parking, as well as any consumable packages.

You can consult our general rental conditions here.


Are you sailing for a weekend, 2-3 days in the Var? Or maybe you have rather left for a stay of a week or more? Discover our recommendations for a perfect sailing trip in Hyères.

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